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Movement Clubs

Movement Hall

To promote confidence and co-ordination in physical development, stimulate imaginations and have fun.

Movement Hall sessions for pre-school children incorporate a wide range of musical and imaginative stimuli, to learn skills such as stretching, balancing, rolling, jumping, skipping, hopping, swinging, climbing etc.

Various types of session include: Clamber Club, Apparatus & Movement Club, Baby Gym and Movement Club.

Madresfield Early Years Centre provides a spacious and well-resourced area for children's activities and weekly clubs are run to enable children to meet together and enjoy taking part in a group activity.

For primary school children there are gymnastic classes which include lots of opportunity for exploration on the various pieces of gymnastic equipment as well as partner/group work. The emphasis is on fun and participation rather than individual elitism and competitiveness.

"Thank you for all the variety of activities on offer. Our children love Clamber Club, dancing and being able to enjoy your fantastic outdoor facilities."

- Parent Feedback

To learn more about the Movement Clubs at Madresfield Early Years Centre, please do not hesitate to contact us today.