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Barn Owls

Pre-School Nursery in Malvern

The 'Barn Owl' classrooms are an exciting place for children to develop and learn in our Malvern based pre-school nursery.

Under careful and skilful supervision from Madresfield Early Years Centre staff, children in the 'Barn Owl' pre-school groups are guided through structured activities in well-resourced classroom areas.

In the pre-school 'Barn Owl' rooms, fully qualified and experienced Early Years Professionals navigate children through the Early Years Foundation Stage, carefully preparing them for the demands of primary schooling and national curriculum.

Children are introduced to reading and writing skills and number concepts. Small intimate groups encourage children to develop their speaking and listening skills and to build up confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

Pre-school nursery care introduces children to cookery, P.E, music and Woodland School activities, with the exceptional outdoor environment offering endless possibilities to extend language and understanding of the world.

Parents can select the best time for their child to transfer from pre-school nursery care into mainstream schooling. A decision to be carefully considered with the interests of the child coming before the preference of the selected primary school.

"The team unity between Staff makes for a very happy atmosphere and they skilfully cater for individual needs. My daughter gets excited when we drive into the centre and always leaves with a smile, what more could I ask for?"

- Parent Feedback

To learn more about the 'Barn Owl' rooms or enquire about pre-school nursery care at our Malvern based centre, please do not hesitate to contact us today.