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Terms & Conditions

  1. A completed and signed registration form and fee of £100 is required to book a place at MEYC. The Registration Fee is NON REFUNDABLE.
  2. ALL fees are invoiced on a monthly basis, (during the first week of each month). Payment is due on receipt of invoice before day 7 of each month in advance of each monthly period. Fees are reviewed annually.
  3. Any invoices that are not paid during the first week of each month will incur an automatic penalty charge of 10%. In rare cases where the services of a debt collector becomes necessary, a statutory charge of £100 will be added to cover costs.
  4. Fees may be paid by a monthly standing order, online payment, cheque, cash or Credit/Debit cards via the Office.
  5. Additional hours/sessions at the Centre may be arranged at any time with the office staff and can be taken up immediately if space is available. The extra time will be charged separately, and payment is due on receipt of the adjusted or new invoice.
  6. Parents wishing to withdraw their child or reduce their sessions will be required to give a month’s notice in writing of their intention or forfeit the month’s fees in lieu. Written notification must be received before the 1st of each month when invoices are produced and sent out.. Email or written communication of intention to leave are both acceptable.
  7. Fees remain due in good faith, regardless of bank holidays, emergency closure (e.g. severe flooding, snow, boiler defects) or any absence due to illness, family holiday or excursion.
  8. Places will be confirmed by MEYC as soon as possible after receipt of completed paperwork and the registration fee. You will be sent final confirmation of your booking at which point your place becomes contractual and you will be liable for payment of the first month’s fees. Alternatively a month’s notice in writing prior to the starting of a new child is required to cancel a confirmed new booking.
  9. An annual fee of £12 is charged to parents at the start of each academic year (September). This charge covers the software costs for personal NEF funding and a contribution towards online per capita Tapestry costs for the personal communication system which records children’s progress.
  10. To better support quality, staff/child relationships and nurturing/bonding processes, the following minimum requirements will apply:
    a. Baby Care children are required to attend for a minimum of 2 x short day (9-3) sessions per week
    b. Butterfly children at least 2 sessions weekly to support settling in.
    c. Toddler Department children are required to attend for a minimum of 2 x short day sessions per week (9-3)
    d. Nursery children are required to attend for a minimum of 2 short day sessions weekly (9-3)
    e. Barn Owl children are required to attend for a minimum of 3 short day sessions weekly (9-3)
    f. Children may choose to attend 2 Settings and NEF income can be split, but such a decision may disrupt the quality and continuity of a child’s education.
  11. Payments can most easily be made online: Sort code 20-98-61 Account No: 00107115. Cheques should be made payable to MEYC or Madresfield Early Years Centre and can be posted or delivered to the office. Any queries regarding invoices can be discussed with the Finance Team, on 01905 749291 between 9am-2pm daily, during term time. The Centre is fully registered to receive Government Funding for 2,3, & 4 year olds. This is automatically applied for on your behalf. Pupil Premium and Special Needs Funding can also be applied for with parental permission and appropriate forms. Any cash payments will be checked, at hand-over and a receipt will be issued.
  12. A full and comprehensive copy of all the Centre’s Policies & Procedures is available from the office. Policies and Procedures as well as Terms and Conditions are updated regularly in accordance with legal changes and County recommendations. It will always be the information in the most recently updated copy that is applicable.
  13. It is the responsibility of all parents and carers to familiarise themselves with the Term & Conditions and policies of the Centre and to keep the Centre informed of any alterations to their personal and contact details. Updated information should be received in writing or by email at the office to enable all records to be updated. (info@meyc.co.uk)
  14. In the event of an emergency, should parents be unavailable they must agree to staff and medical personnel acting in loco parentis, in the child’s best interests, until parents arrive or can be contacted.
  15. The Office is open in term time only between 9am-3pm Monday to Friday. Administration can only be dealt with during these times and NOT during the holiday periods when the Office is closed. Childcare Staff should not be burdened with financial and administration matters.
  16. Photographs taken of children at the Centre will be used for wall displays, children’s records, website updates, Centre Social Media accounts and for occasional newspaper articles of special events, unless parents confirm in writing, their objection to this.